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What Clients Say


Travis Troyer, Attorney

”¡Magnífica! My teacher is simply the best when it comes to Spanish instruction. She mixes interactive group chats that are fun yet instructive with on-point exercises. Her passion for teaching and her expertise in crafting a curriculum comes through in everything she does within, and prepares for, class. You can become facile in the language in no time with my teacher’s guidance, all while having fun. I recommend her without hesitation or qualification.”

Donald Murphy, Design Director, AllianceBernstein

I’ve taken both group and individual classes with [the founder] and her method of teaching is so effective because it combines a seemingly endless and creative variety of activities that reinforce different parts of the learning process, solid knowledge of the language, instruction expertly tailored to the individual and infectious enthusiasm. Add to this her natural kindness and humor and you’ve got a safe place to make mistakes, learn, laugh and grow to love the language. I can’t recommend Diáfano highly enough!”