Custom Corporate
Language Programs

Teaching your team a new language might just be the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. Empower your team and strengthen your company with custom language programs.

Our corporate language classes are private and exclusively available to people at those organizations. That's partly what makes them so special. To get started with a custom language program for your organization, get in touch with us.

We offer custom language programs for companies, organizations, and cultural institutions. We've created dozens of language cohorts at prestigious organizations like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Morgan Stanley, among many others.

By creating language cohorts within institutions, Diáfano can help you expand your global reach, reduce churn, give your employees and company a competitive edge, and champion diversity & inclusion within your company.

But it’s not just about teaching employees; it’s also about building a strong company culture through common purpose and memorable experiences.


Dr. Robert A. Cook, Wildlife Veterinarian

“It has been my good fortune to be a student of my teacher ’s. I have taken Spanish classes from others in the past but often have been challenged by conventional learning approaches. That all changed when studying with my teacher. As a native speaker she has a great passion for the language and Latin cultures. She is a seasoned professional with great experience and can apply different learning strategies based on her understanding of how each student best learns. She uses a variety of approaches with stories and games that puts students at ease, lowering their inhibitions and making the experience fun.”

Nissrine Habash, Copywriter, Victoria’s Secret

“I’ve taken private as well as group classes with my teacher and would have to say she’s one of the best teachers I’ve had, hands down. Lessons are presented in a clear, organized manner, but my teacher’s teaching methods are hardly cookie-cutter. She brings a mix of thoughtfulness, creativity and playfulness to every class, using a range of learning techniques to engage students—even when the challenges of mastering a new language seem insurmountable.”